5 ways marketing automation can improve your brand building

5 ways marketing automation can improve your brand building

Written on 06/07/2019
Jeff Shuford

If you thought marketing automation was just for big corporations, you couldn't be more wrong. Marketing automation can now be used by everyone from small business owners to solo entrepreneurs and startup founders.

But how do you know if automating your marketing outreach will offer the results you desire and increase your customer acquisition efforts?

If you want to maximize your business' productivity while optimizing your company's outreach efforts at the same time, it is crucial you understand the myriad of marvelous ways you can use marketing automation to your benefit.

Consider the following five ways marketing automation can improve your brand building and chances are good you'll be ready to double-down on automated outreach.

1) Email marketing
Automating your email marketing is an excellent way to increase your brand building ROI (return on investment). Brands using automated email marketing can use the power of email newsletters to significantly increase their thought leadership status while increasing their sales rate at the same time. Investigate email marketing automation techniques for your business and you'll be impressed at how quickly you start to see a return on your investment of time.

 2) Social media marketing
Social media marketing automation is a no-brainer for many companies. Using a variety of automation tools allows you to do everything from scheduling your social media posts to liking and/or re-posting the content of influencers in your sector. Once you discover how quickly you can grow your business' social media following via automation, you'll feel like kicking yourself in the pants for not having included social media marketing automation in your growth strategy sooner.

3) Video marketing
Video marketing automation is a technique far too few brands take full advantage of. No, video marketing automation doesn't mean your brand's videos are automatically generated by artificial intelligence robots. Video marketing automation means using a number of tools to automate the creation process of your brand's video outreach efforts. Data-backed research and video creation templates are just two of many resources brand builders can use to automate their video marketing.

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As more end users (consumers and business-to-business buyers) flock to video for their content consumption needs, brands going all-in on the power of video marketing automation will out-perform competitors who have failed to make the transition to automation.

4) Webinar marketing
Webinar automation is another tool far too few brands are using to its full potential. Webinar automation can include anything from talking points automatically generated based upon a company's feedback loop (social media interactions, customer support tickets, etc.) to automated outreach advertising upcoming brand webinars. Brand marketing webinars can be extremely powerful for increasing industry thought leadership status while attracting new customers at the same time.

5) Mobile marketing
If your company isn't already using automated mobile marketing, you are at a serious disadvantage compared to your competitors. Automated mobile marketing includes auto-generated text messaging and artificial intelligence chatbots. Brand builders understanding how efficient automated mobile marketing is for consumer education and customer service stand to significantly increase their market share as compared to less-savvy competitors.  

These are just five of many ways marketing automation can improve your brand building. Understanding how critical automation is to effective brand growth is essential for long-term success in an increasingly competitive business landscape.