5 tips to scale your business this year with a limited budget

5 tips to scale your business this year with a limited budget

Written on 06/07/2019
Jeff Shuford

The word scaling can have multiple definitions to different founders, so it's necessary to determine which definition to zero in on. In this case, scaling will mean to grow a startup successfully and to keep it fresh and flourishing on and offline. 

Here are five techniques to consider so that you can continue scaling your business in 2018.

Establish a team-first mentality
When a founder comes up with a startup idea, he or she probably already envisioned the kind of team needed to grow a successful business. I have personally used personality characteristics similar to the following to round out my organization's work team:

leadership abilities 
balanced mindsets 
creative thinkers 
marketing types
Well-rounded employees will keep your clients satisfied and your projects moving forward. However, you can cut cost drastically and accelerate the growth of your business by outsourcing the unessential tasks to online or overseas vendors. Freelancers can get a job done without taking up office space or using any additional resources from your startup 

A few outsourcing categories that are easy to hand over include:

human resources
web design
content creation

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Outsourcing allows your team to perfect your product
Requesting the assistance of a freelancer with experience, longevity, and a network of information can be a significant benefit for your business. The service provider will also have your back by providing top-notch engineers, software development services, quality assurance, and project management assistance.I have successfully used websites such as Fiverr and People Per Hour to vet and hire freelancers.

Focus on your customers
As an entrepreneur, you already know that your product is not going to sell unless your startup integrates and implements an effective marketing strategy online. It's all about your products reach on the internet and in the press.

Digital marketing services should be a part of your business plan, or your products will sell slowly. Slow sales will lead to your startup needing funding at an accelerated pace. 

Some examples to outsource include:

boosting media presence
 increasing sales
generating viable leads, and more
Focus on your funding
For most startups, the financing of a budding enterprise depends on the team's skill at raising capital. A small business funding company is the right destination to take if your business needs support on the technicalities and techniques of raising money for your company.

My company outsourced our funding to 12B Capital and Grant Business Solutions for one primary reason, not having to worry about bookkeeping and fundraising has allowed my employees to focus on lead generation and product development (skills that what we are actually good at).

A small business funding agency can assist with:

basic bookkeeping 
financial guidance
profit growth
finance design, creation, and management
Focus on your SEO leverage
In the advertising and marketing arena, there are two central structures — search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC). SEO costs little, except time, but can get you to the top of that first page when done well.

Google Adwords is in charge of PPC functions. Freelancers can optimize your website, set up your campaigns, administer strategic planning on Facebook and beef up keywords and ad designs.

No one said that startups were going to be easy to develop, but it's nice to know that freelancers are ready to step in when necessary. Consider outsourcing the tasks that your company is simply not good at and focus your energy on growing your startup more rapidly in 2018.