4 ways to become an impactful brand

4 ways to become an impactful brand

Written on 06/07/2019
Jeff Shuford

With so many emerging brands available to consumers in your industry, it's becoming more challenging than ever to stand out. True uniqueness and a firm grasp on storytelling will be your most significant advantages when competing with other brands in your industry. 

Here are four ways that your brand can increase awareness and become a more impactful organization.

1.  Allow your team to fail faster
An impactful brand will have a firm grasp on modern technology, concurrent trends and innovative solutions. You can’t be cutting-edge if your team is terrified of failure.

Cultivate the ideology that new ideas brought to the table by your staff are to be encouraged and appreciated. Ideas that eventually fail will be used as teaching opportunities rather than being met with discipline and ridicule.

Encourage the creation of innovative ideas and implement your team's best strategies. Over time you will discover that your staff will become more empowered to cultivate change. 

A perfect example of brand storytelling is Airbnb. Airbnb encourages their customers to tell their stories, and that develops an atmosphere of authentic consumer experiences. 

2.  Use social media to tell stories before selling products
Consumers don’t use social media to see the latest advertisements from brands they’ve never heard of. Consumers are craving good stories with emotional photos and videos that they can connect to on a personal level.

Using social media inappropriately to sell without storytelling can be detrimental in building impactful brand awareness. 

Nike's social media strategy involves influencer storytelling. On Nike's social media pages, you can follow Kevin Hart's journey running in a triathlon and view stories documenting Michael Jordan's rise to prominence. You won't find many advertisements for new sneakers; it’s solely original stories that connect with their target market. 

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Employ your website for selling and use social media as a tool exclusively for brand awareness. Simply put, when it comes to storytelling and not selling — just do it, like Nike. 

3.  Develop brand ambassadors and cultivate brand evangelists 
A brand ambassador is typically a famous, well-known and prominent media source or social media influencer in your niche. Ambassadors are usually paid with products or money to help promote your brand on their social channels.

By contrast, a brand evangelist is a raving fan who shares your brand's content without any incentive or payment from your company. To cultivate brand evangelists, you have to produce share-worthy content and provide stellar products and services with the very best customer service. 

In a study done by Zuberance, consumers were 92 percent more likely to buy when recommended by a family member, friend or trusted celebrity and only 24 percent more likely to buy from seeing an ad. Simply put, your brand ambassadors and brand evangelists can impact the acceleration of your brand's sales (and exposure) dramatically. 

4.  Redefine your why and your message 
To create exceptional content that has the potential to be shared and go viral, you need to know who you are and why your organization exists. Know your brand’s “big why.” 

If you had to pick the sole reason your company is in existence, what it is? Write down your story, memorize it and refine it often. The better you know your brand, the more valuable your storytelling will be.